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Cincyslots Speedway Spring track time hours are posted.

Hello CincySlots Customers,

You can watch some video HERE. Remember we have the track open for customers Tuesday nights from 5pm-8pm. Depending on the turnout we can add another race time to the schedule.  You can bring your own car or you can rent one for $5. We will offer your basic controller for free. The track is set up for Carrera digital racing but you can race analog cars too but we prefer digital. Digital allows 6 racers at a time. Let us know if you plan to stop in.

Here are the open track dates through July.  6/12, 6/26, 7/10, 7/17, 7/24.

Once the season kicks off in the Fall, these will be the general rules that apply to the Carrera D124 and D132 Stock series cars:

Carrera D124 and D132 Rules

The overall thought process with the cars is that they are to remain stock in appearance, with only small modifications to improve their performance. The intention of the series is not to build full blown custom slot cars. This keeps the cost and preparation time to a minimum. 

– All traction magnets must be removed

– Wheels can be trued

– Stock Carrera wheels must be used

– Tires can be trued

– Urethane tires must be used on rear axle.  We may be switching to silicone in the fall,2018.

– Front tires can be super glued/clear coated on thread

– Tires can be glued onto the rim

– Gear ratio to remain stock using stock Carrera gears (No aftermarket gears allowed – i.e., NSR, etc…)

– Stock Carrera D132/D124 motor (Races will be run at 13 Volts, D124@17.5V)

– Car weight 110g-140g for D132 and 0-285gms for D124.

– Axle carriers to remain stock – axles have to run in stock bushings – no ball bearings allowed

– Motor shaft can be shortened and the axle may be superglued and shaved to shim it up

– Must use stock Carrera guide flag

– Guide and Motor wire may be changed to, for example, silicone wire for durability.

– No suspension allowed

– No body/chassis alterations or modifications of any kind (Filing, shaving, channeling etc.) other than removing the threaded post used to hold down the car to the display base. 

– Factory interior must remain intact

– Body must be mounted with all factory screws (3 or 4, depending on model of car)

– No alteration to body or chassis in order to achieve body float

– Stock guide arm

– All lights need to be functioning during tech inspection

If you’re looking for ways around the rules, you’re in the wrong place.  These are to be taken at face value.  We’ve run these cars like this for years with no issues.  We’d like to continue the streak!