SICA10g ‘Yellow Corn’ McLaren F1 GTR #76

Price: 55.99 SICA10g ‘Yellow Corn’ McLaren F1 GTR #76
Team Hitotsuyama Racing entered this car in the All Japan GT Championship ‘GT500 class for the the 2002 seasson with drivers Naoki Hattori and Eiichi Tajima.

Their best finish was 3rd at the Motegi race.

Parts list:

Anglewinder Flat6 SIMN09ch motor, 20,500 rpm and 200 g/cm torque @ 12 volts, with 11/ SIPS11 x 28/ SIGA1628-PL gearing.

SICH66 Guide

SICH74 motor pod. 1mm offset and has a magnet location right under the rear axle.

Chassis: SICS10T-60

Wheels front: SIPA18-P

Wheels rear: SIPA19-Al

Wheel inserts: SIPA36

Tires front: SIPT1159C1

Tires rear: SIPT1152C1

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Description SICA10g ‘Yellow Corn’ McLaren F1 GTR #76 SICA10g 'Yellow Corn' McLaren F1 GTR #76 SICA10g ‘Yellow Corn’ McLaren F1 GTR #76

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