Carrera D124 23861 Audi R8 LMS Griffith Racing.


As fast as a wild hog’ was a description the designers of the paintwork for the Audi R8 LMS “M. Griffith, No.19” took to heart. The Australian “Hogs Breath Cafe/ Griffith Corporation” team lines up for the Australian GT Series with a genuine eye-catcher. The steakhouse chain’s wild hog logo can now be seen on the car of racing driver Mark Griffith. The pink wild hog with sunglasses is the focal point of the car’s wild and wonderful paintjob. A snazzy painjob may win over hearts of spectators, but races are won by the perfect combination of driving skill and automotive power. Will Mark Griffith and the Audi R8 LMS manage to call up all their skills and potential, and cross the line ahead of the rest? The Audi R8 LMS “M. Griffith, No. 19” is equipped with headlights, rear and brake lights, and turns heads with its faithful reproduction of original details. The Carrera car can be individually coded, it’s digitally controllable and can also be used with analogue systems (Carrera Exclusiv). Enjoy authentic motor racing emotions at home!

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Carrera D124 23861 Audi R8 LMS Griffith Racing.
Carrera D124 23861 Audi R8 LMS Griffith Racing.

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