Vintage 1950-1976 Race Rules

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Vintage Class 1950 – 1976
Any car that raced on a road course between 1950 and 1976.  Similar to vintage/historic racing you might see at a track today. Stock cars, open wheel, sports cars, prototypes, touring cars, etc. Formula Ford, Trans Am, Group C and Group 5 are not included as these are reserved for the other classes.

  • Weight may be added to the top of the chassis. This is true for ALL classes
  • Tires can be glued and trued. This rule is for ALL classes.
  • Tires must not be seen from overhead. This is true for all classes.
  • You can dress your front tires with Super Glue or like product. This is true for ALL classes.
  • Chassis may not touch the track on the straights. Gauge is .041in or 109mm.  PLEASE don’t make this harder than it needs to be.  If the gauge fits under the car from guide to front of rear tires without lifting on a flat set up block, you should be legal.  This is true for ALL classes
  • NO MAGNETS true for all classes.
  • No lexan interior.
  • Car must be painted, have a number, driver and wheels with period inserts.
  • You can change the guide flag. It should not exceed 24.20mm/.952in long or 7.65mm/.3in.  These dimensions should match the CH07 wood guide.  Note that deep wood guides may not work on some tracks.
  • Aftermarket and brass chassis are ok.