1990’s Era Cars Race Rules.

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1990’s Any Real car produced in the 1990’s that does not fall into another class.

  • This class is your chance to goes nuts with your car.
  • Weight may be added to the top of the chassis.  This is true for ALL classes.
  • Tires can be glued and trued. This rule is for ALL classes.
  • Tires must not be seen from overhead. This is true for all classes.
  • You can dress your front tires with Super Glue or like product. This is true for ALL classes.
  • Chassis may not touch the track on the straights. This is true for ALL classes  .
  • NO MAGNETS.  This is true for all classes.
  • No lexan interior.
  • Ride height must not be less than 0.040 inch or 1.09mm when set on a flat set up block.
  • You can change the guide flag. It should not exceed 24.20mm/.952in long or 7.65mm/.3in.  These dimensions should match the Slot.it CH07 wood guide.
  • Aftermarket tires are allowed.