Digital D132 Carrera GT Race Rules.

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Carrera D132/D124 Classes

– All traction magnets must be removed.  Weight can be added. Car weight 210g-270g(D124)  No Max/Min for D132.

– Wheels can be trued

– Stock Carrera wheels must be used

– Tires can be trued

– Silicone tires can be used on rear axle

– Front tires can be super glued/clear coated on tread

– Tires can be glued onto the rim

– Gear ratio to remain stock using stock Carrera gears 10/50 (No aftermarket gears allowed – i.e., NSR, etc…)

– Stock Carrera D132 or D124 motor (Race will be run at 14.5 and 18 Volts at the track)

– Axle carriers to remain stock – axles have to run in stock bushings – no ball bearings allowed

– Must use stock Carrera guide flag

– No suspension allowed

– No body/chassis alterations or modifications of any kind (Filing, shaving, channeling etc.)

– Factory interior must remain intact and complete

– Body must be mounted with all factory screws

 – No alteration to body or chassis in order to achieve body float

– Stock guide arm

– All lights need to be functioning during tech inspection

  • Ride height must not be less than 0.040 inch or 1.09mm when set on a flat set up block.