1/32 Analog Vintage Trans Am Rules

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Vintage Trans-Am Class – 1966-1972
From the beginning of the series through the Goldern Era. Pioneer, Scalextric, Fly, Carerra, SCX, RMS Resin, Other resin bodies.

  • Box Stock with the following exceptions:
  • Weight may be added to the top of the chassis. This is true for ALL classes
  • Tires can be glued and trued. This rule is for ALL classes.
  • Tires must not be seen from overhead. This is true for all classes.
  • You can dress your front tires with Super Glue or like product. This is true for ALL classes.
  • Chassis may not touch the track on the straights. Gauge is .041in or 1.09mm.  PLEASE don’t make this harder than it needs to be.  If the gauge fits under the car from guide to front of rear tires without lifting on a flat set up block, you should be legal.  This is true for ALL classes
  • NO MAGNETS true for all classes.
  • Stock motor, and motor configuration.  Gears can be changed but must be stock ratios.
  • Car must be painted, have a number and driver.
  • Aluminum wheels are ok.  If not a designed wheel, they should have period correct inserts.
  • No lexan interior.
  • You can change the guide flag. It should not exceed 24.20mm/.952in long or 7.65mm/.3in.  These dimensions should match the Slot.it CH07 wood guide.  NOTE, Guides this large may not work on all tracks.
  • Aftermarket silicone/urethane/rubber tires allowed.