Group C Race Rules.

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Description Group C – 80’s and early 90’s

These cars include:

Porsche 962C, 962 IMSA, 962KH, 962CLH, 956KH, 956LH.  Jaguar XJR9, XJR12 Nissan R89C, R90CK.  Toyota 86C, 88C.  Lancia LC2/85 LC2.  Mercedes C9.  Mazda 787B.  If I missed one, let me know.

  • Stock motor and inline motor pod configuration as the car was shipped from
  • Weight may be added to the top of the chassis. This is true for ALL classes
  • Tires can be glued and trued. This rule is for ALL classes.
  • Tires must not be seen from overhead. This is true for all classes.
  • You can dress your front tires with Super Glue or like product. This is true for ALL classes.
  • Chassis may not touch the track on the straights. is .  Sugessted height is 040in or 1.09mm.  PLEASE don’t make this harder than it needs to be.    This is true for ALL classes
  • NO MAGNETS true for all classes.
  • You can change the CROWN gear. inline gears only.
  • You can use the spare parts that come with the car.
  • Stock wheels. Aluminum fronts are ok but must be size that came on car) with period correct inserts
  • Silicone/urethane/rubber tires Super Tires 1402-1404
  • No exterior body mods.
  • No lexan interiors